One of the greatest joys for parents is when their child has reached an adorable age when they are ready for their first tricycle. One of the classic tricycle kids manufacturers is Sky King. These lovely 1936 replicas are collectible items that have now become affordable. These trikes are modeled after the original, come in a bright red or sky blue color and are made of high-quality steel, and are identical to the 1936 Sky King. Other features of these retro tricycles for kids include non-slip pedals, solid rubber tires, and a lead-free powder coat with Chrome Insignias.

These trikes are all child safety tested and approved. The tricycles even have working headlights. Now you can also get one which is especially designed for little kids so that they can get into the action as well. This brand is a durable retro tricycle for kids with scratch proof paint assuring long term use.

Parents will be delighted to see their children get out into the fresh air and proudly pedal along on their Sky King trikes. Pedaling also helps strengthen children’s’ muscles and gives them plenty of pedal power as their legs get stronger. There are other tricycles for kids also available.

There is the Road Hog which a classic heavy-gauge tricycle which has a high-gloss black powder coat finish, chrome detailing, sealed ball bearings in the front wheel, solid rubber tires and a working headlight. Other special features are a real leather saddlebag, grip tassels and an adjustable coil-spring seat. For little girls there is the Sky Princess also fashioned after the original Sky King Tricycles of 1936. This one is designed for beauty, functionality and safety.

This classic trike comes with a pink powder coat finish, chrome detailing, grip tassels, sealed ball bearings in the front wheel, solid rubber tires and an adjustable coil-spring seat.

Children will get many delightful rides out of these trikes and since they are so durable they can be put away once your child outgrows his or her trike for future generations. Once your child is all grown-up he or she will be proud to pass their trike along to their children and what a wonderful memory for them of their grandparents.

All Retro Tricycles for kids come at affordable prices and because of their durability are well worth it especially when compared to the cheap plastic and poor quality models available. The look of delight on your child’s face will please you as well and you can be sure that as soon as he or she sees their new trike they will be on their way out of the door to give their trike a trial run and from there the hours will just fly by. So get your child a retro trike that is durable and sturdy and give him or her lots of joy this Christmas.